VA/VE Cost Saving Projects

VA/VE Cost Saving Projects

VA/VE stands for Value Analysis/Value Engineering which is a process first developed by General Electric Co. during World War II. This process optimizes a system's outputs by crafting a mix of performance (function) and costs. I take this approach towards Financial Planning and created a series of articles (shown below) showing ways to save money. 

VAVE Project 1: Maximizing Credit Card Cash-Back Rewards

VAVE Project 2: Reducing Investment (Mutual Fund) Fees through ETFs

VAVE Project 3:  Building an HD Antenna to Cut Cable TV

VAVE Project 4:  Save $$ on your Smartphone (by using Android + Discount plan)

I am working on a few other projects which I will post shortly. Let me know if you have any ideas for a VAVE Project!