What is VA/VE?

VA/VE in Automotive Manufacturing

VA/VE stands for Value Analysis/Value Engineering which is a process first developed by General Electric Co. during World War II. This process, used heavily in automotive manufacturing,  optimizes a system's outputs by crafting a mix of performance (function) and costs. During my 14 year career in the manufacturing industry, I initiated VA/VE programs to help save  costs through process efficiency, design improvements, and better use of resources. 

VA/VE in Personal Finance

If the Value Analysis/Value Engineering technique benefits thousands of manufacturers, why not implement this technique towards personal finances? My aim is to treat each client as a company looking to "optimize" their financial products and their financial process. Everyone has inefficiencies or "fat" they need to trim in their personal finances but you really have to know where to look for it. The rewards can be significant, especially when any extra money freed up can be invested. Although there are many opportunities within Financial Planning to become more efficient, one of the biggest areas for most Canadians is in the form of high fee active mutual funds which I have detailed in my post "Who's Stealing Your Retirement?". Other areas I often see opportunities are in tax planning, income splitting, and in managing day to day expenses. Contact me for a free consultation to see where I may be able to find some savings for you!