“Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.”
— Sun Tzu
Planning that accounts for all areas of your financial life.

Planning that accounts for all areas of your financial life.

Take the road less traveled.


Advice-ONLY financial PLANNING BY nicholas hui

Thousands of Canadians struggle with their finances, with over 80% reporting money worries*, and nearly half surveyed ranked money as their greatest stress**.  As an Advice-Only Financial Planner, I aim to organize and optimize your financial situation, lifting you out of the troubled majority so you can become part of the fortunate few. 


holistic perspective

Your finances affect all areas of your life. Specializing in helping young professionals and families, I develop customized financial plans to include budgeting, investments, risk management, tax and retirement planning. 


objective, unbiased

There are only an estimated 300 advice-only financial planners in Canada, compared to over 100,000 other financial advisors - the majority working for financial institutions that sell commissioned products.  Even the best of these will be confined to their company's objectives.

Using an engineering concept, VAVE (Value Analysis/Value Engineering),  I will guide you through a customized financial planning process. I do not sell investment products or intake your money to invest; That means my advice is tailored to your needs, your situation, and your best interests.


How's that for traveling off the beaten path?